WirHelfen Redesign - Work in Progress
This real-world project began in March 2022 and is still in progress. 
I was recruited to join a five-person UX/UI team who will be in charge of redesigning the current website of the non-profit neighborhood help organization "WirHelfen e.V.". In the next step, we will also be designing and building a mobile application. 
The following flow was my responsibility and all screens are my own design.
Create Card
The first flow that I analyzed and revised involved the key process of creating an own offer or request on the WirHelfen website. Our team decided that we would stick to the current version of displaying each offer or request as a "card". 
Understanding the process
In order to better understand what goals the users have, I began by analyzing the current approach, adding my own suggestions, and then building a user flow diagram to represent the various steps that a user will take to create their own card from start to finish. 
1. User arrives at the website.
2. User selects between request and offer.
3. User selects a category and subsequently a subcategory. This was originally in one step, but in my redesign, I divided it up into two separate steps to avoid confusion. 
4. User inputs their location or selects the "location-independent" checkbox. I suggested adding the option of choosing a radius as well. 
5. User inputs their detailed description as well as some basic information such as offer visibility and availability. 
6. If the user is logged in, they can proceed, else they will be asked to log in or create an account. This step is still up for debate in our team, and we are considering moving it up in the flow, but for now, this is where it stays. 
7. User reviews all their information and can edit or submit their card to be posted. 
Revamping the design
Now that I understood where I was going, I was able to make useful changes to the current design without straying too far from the minimalist feel of the website. 
Mobile Version
I also designed a mobile version of all the screens. 
Onboarding - Work in Progress
After completing the create card flow, I moved on to come up with some ideas for a helpful onboarding process. 
In our team, we concurrently realized that the website can be a little bit confusing for first-time users, therefore we decided that a short onboarding would be valuable to increasing the site's traffic and active users. We decided to stick to a short, three-page onboarding process, which briefly explains how WirHelfen works and how users can participate. 
We also resolved to implement a badge system in the future to encourage users to be more active in their requests and offers and feel that they are being rewarded - both for helping others and for seeking help. This badge system is still in process but here is my first draft of the onboarding screens.
Note: As the website is available in both English and German and my team and I are mostly bilingual, some screens were developed in English and others in German, but everything will be translated to be available in both languages. 
Stay tuned for updates!

Thanks so much to my team: Viktor Meltsyn, Jennifer Smith, Samiramisa Veith, Charlotte Kleckers

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