Bringing joy to ailing children
The "Digitale Lachwoche" is a part of "Zeit des Lachens", an organization that plans events to bring to children in hospital and put a smile on their faces. Every year, they organize one week of events - clowns, magicians, performers of all kinds - to visit various children's hospitals. 
When the pandemic struck, this kind of in-person event became impossible, so the organizers came up with a new concept - one week of digital events to be streamed online or watched later. 
The website that was born of this idea is the one I am now responsible for re-imagining, together with my team-members Samiramisa Veith and Viktor Meltsyn from WirHelfen e.V. 
This is a Work In Progress.
The main purpose of this redesign is to make the website more child-friendly and inspiring as well as easier to navigate for both the viewers as well as the administrators. 
Our first step was to analyze the existing web page, identify key user stories and how to make the page more user-friendly, and decide which design elements should be kept and which discarded. 
After an initial meeting with the team at Zeit des Lachens e.V., we decided to keep their brand colors - green and orange - as well as their logo and the curtain animation on the landing page. 
We included some more soft versions of the brand colors and found some inspiring illustrations to appeal more to young visitors of the page. 
Landing Page
The landing page was rather uninspiring and not very user-friendly in the old version. Blurred images in the background made the core message almost illegible and a sudden break was confusing to users, as it was unclear that scrolling down would lead to the event calendar. The calendar itself had a very simple appearance compared to the top of the page.
We wanted to tie everything together a little more, leading to a more coherent landing page that is inviting participation. 
We replaced the blurred images with a friendly illustration that is less distracting and still affords high legibility. The color ties in well with the brand colors and a bright orange button with an arrow points out that the event calendar will follow below. 
Small, friendly illustrations spruce up the design and make it more lively and inviting. 
The navigation on the desktop version is no longer hidden in a sidebar but each element is found at the top of the screen, easily discoverable, with the CTA for donations prominently marked as a primary button. 
The user now has the option to switch between three views: Daily, weekly, or year-round events (such as youtube videos that remain available after the event is passed). When selecting the year-round events, the user has the possibility to filter by date, type of event, or search for their favorite artist by name. 
Furthermore, on the daily view, the user has the option of clicking on the thumbnail or button that will take them directly to the video or event. 
Event Page
If the user wishes to find out more about an event before directly participating, they can go to the event detail page. In the old version, this page was rather drab and didn't contain much information about the event or the artist. The layout also was lacking in composition and had poor visual balance. 
In our new version, we wanted to make the event detail page actually contain more relevant information than was already included on the calendar page and also improve the layout and overall feel. 
To stay consistent with our branding, we stuck to the same color scheme and used similar illustrations on this detail page, and also included an "about the artist" section. 
The comments section has been spruced up to be more inviting, especially to young users. 
Stay tuned for more updates! This is a work in progress.
Thanks to my teammates Viktor Meltsyn and Samiramisa Veith. 

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