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WHO am I?
I’m a UX/UI Designer with a background in contemporary dance and the performing arts. 
Currently based in Chemnitz, Germany, I am primarily looking for remote and hybrid roles but would also be open to relocating in the future.
In design - as in life - I strive to find the perfect balance between beauty and efficiency, between form and function, between emotion and cognition.
WHAT can I do?
My training with CareerFoundry has provided me with valuable knowledge of UX and UI design skills such as user research, competitor analysis, wireframing, visual design, prototyping, testing, and branding. 
I am well-versed in Figma and Adobe XD and am familiar with Jira and Miro as well as the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
I look forward to putting these skills, as well as my organizational talents and my basic knowledge of front-end development to use in a creative, passionate team.

WHAT is my background?
I have a BA in Dance from Palucca University Dresden and have worked for a total of nine years as a professional dancer at municipal theaters in Germany, participating in many diverse dance projects as well as musical theater productions. 
While employed at the theater of Münster, I advocated for my colleagues as a team representative for two years, where I learned to quickly identify key issues and offer constructive solutions to conflicts. I have also been in charge of developing several performance projects of my own which provided me with valuable experience in time management and team coordination. 

HOW did I get from dance to design?
While incapacitated and unable to dance for months, first because of the pandemic and then due to an injury, I discovered my passion for user research and design. 
After exploring the basics of computer science with Harvard's CS50 course and the basics of Front-End Development with a Scrimba BootCamp, as well as some introductory courses on UX and UI Design on Scrimba and Udemy, I decided to dive deeper with CareerFoundry’s UI Design Program.
What captivates me about user-centered design is the challenge of finding the perfect balance between form and function. I find great joy in sketching user flows and figuring out the most intuitive way of navigating through an interface, and I am passionate about branding and visual design.
A little more ABOUT ME
In my free time, I love to draw, sketch, paint, and craft. Drawing has always been my preferred way of relaxing since I was very little. I am currently working on a self-illustrated children's book for my niece. 
I am a trained Pilates instructor, and enjoy practicing yoga, spending time in nature, playing with my cat and my niece, or redecorating and rearranging my apartment. (Yes. I'm one of THOSE people... someone who organizes things for fun 🤷‍♀️). 
I also love pub quizzes and crossword puzzles - or any kind of brain teaser or riddle. 
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